First Time Visitor?

All are welcome to join us in worship!  If you are new to our church, please come as you are, and make yourself at home. Whether you are new in town, or looking for a church home or even if you are on vacation or holiday, we welcome you to visit as if you are a member of our family. Because really, we are all part of the Family of God. Nursery care is available (if you wish) during the service for your little ones. And if you wish your entire family to be in worship with you, we do have a Free-Range-Baby policy. A service of Holy Communion is held on the first Sunday of every month, and God's table is open to everyone.

Our weekly service includes:

  • Bible-based sermons
  • Lifting up of shared prayer concerns
  • Children's ministry
  • Music ministry

Please feel free to visit with a member of our church after the service and enjoy a cup of coffee; a fellowship time is held right after the service in the rear of the sanctuary.



What You Can Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be an awkward experience.  We all understand this; we have all been there too!  Here is a brief guided tour through our service to make your visit more comfortable. 


When you visit our church, you will be greeted at the door by one or two (or a family) of our parishioners and welcomed warmly with a handshake.  A deacon will supply you with another warm greeting and a bulletin/worship folder where you will find the day's hymns and scripture as well as announcements of coming events. 


You may seat yourself wherever you feel comfortable, and listen to the musical prelude while you enter into a spirit of worship.  A responsive Call to Worship starts off our service followed by our first hymn. (We generally stand for all hymns but if you are not able, that is fine!).  One of our favorite times of the service is "Passing of the Peace" where we greet our neighbors with the peace of Christ, with a greeting and a handshake or hug (whichever YOU prefer). 


Our Prayer of Invocation is read in unison.


Our Chancel Choir performs two anthems, one following the Invocation and Children’s Ministry, and another during the collection of our offerings.  During the summer, our choir takes a holiday, and the music ministry is still part of our worship with guest musicians.


After the Ministry with Children and the Music Ministry, we hear the Word of God through the reading of Scripture followed by the singing of the Gloria Patri (again standing if able). 


At this time, we hear a thought-provoking message from our pastor as he gives us words of encouragement and hope to sustain us through the week. 


After the morning message, we sing a Hymn of Meditation, a hymn that is chosen to reflect the theme of the scripture and the morning message.


Another uplifting part of our service, we share with each other how God has blessed us this past week. Scripture tells us, A joyful heart is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22) so we share our joys with each other so we may be joyful for each other. Then, as a symbol of gratitude and praise for all that God has done, we return to God a portion of what he has given to us during the collection of our offerings. The Doxology is sung (standing if able) as our gifts are brought to the altar.


Likewise, just as it is scriptural to share our joys and blessings, we are also commanded by God to pray for each other. We share our concerns and sorrows as we enter into our morning prayer, remembering those who need God's help and grace. Our support and comforting of each other is a vital part of our service to God.


Our final hymn and benediction encourages us to go forth into our busy week secure in the knowledge that God is at work behind the scenes and we have a church family that loves and cares for us.  Following the benediction, please join us for coffee fellowship and a snack or two and get to know us a little better. 


We look forward to meeting you!


Our services are recorded.

You will notice, that there is a video camera at the back of the sanctuary. Our morning service is recorded. It is re-broadcast during the week on the local Community Access Cable Television Station: Gray Community TV, Channel 2. Our services are also available on YouTube, our Facebook Page, as well as on this web site. The recordings are edited so that the sharing of Prayer Concerns as well as the faces of children whose parents have not signed a media release, are NOT shown.









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